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The Evolution of P.O.P.Locks™

P.O.P.Locks is the original power locking product introduced in the ’90s. It was a first of its kind by providing a unique approach to locking items electronically. What was a retro-fit luxury product is now a basic feature of modern work trucks.

P.O.P.Locks ability to retrofit nearly all compartment locks now comes with a whole new convenient feature with the introduction of LAC™. Its quality is in the name – Lighted Actuator Cover. This is a feature-add to traditional power locking components. A P.O.P Locks kit with LAC on a vehicle will provide a low-profile design and will allow for doors to close and not disturb shelves. Using the G4 COBB LED, this cover provides ample lighting at night into the compartments.

LAC is here!

Welcome, PopLight™

PopLight is our newest product line, which introduces a unique way of lighting. Its purpose is for the interior of doors or cross bed toolboxes. Our V-shape light provides great lighting in all directions. Its sleek low-profile design allows for doors to close and not bump shelving.


Both LAC and PopLight can be an OEM option or retro-fit as an aftermarket add-on. They work well with our controllers to provide power lock and light management. Be warned, the G4 COBB LED built-into these products are seriously bright. So bright, we recommend that you do not look directly at them because it may cause temporary night blindness.


Protect Your Items with LoopNet 2™

LoopNet 2 is a remote-activate security product that is much like a cable lock but allows you to use any length of electrical cord to loop through your belongings. The versatility of the product allows a user to potentially secure a job site, work truck equipment, trailers, and other valuable content. LoopNet 2 can also integrate into the O.E.M factory power lock system, or you can use the provided key fob.

LoopNet 2 is here!

Easy to Install Wire Harnesses

New to our product family is our wire harnesses that provide a new solution to our customers by simplifying and reducing installation costs. WH6 offers a plug and play complete wire harness kit, which handles the LED feature of LAC. The result is “the best compartment lighting at no additional labor cost.”



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