What is LoopNet™?

LoopNet™ is a remote activated security device that works with any 110v (2 or 3 prongs) electric cord to provide an extra level of security when chain locking valuables located outside of your vehicle. With our patent-pending component called the Lasso, users loop the cord through their belongings. If any part of the cord is cut or disconnected while activated, an alarm will sound, deterring thieves from taking your belongings. LoopNet™ can be integrated with the factory power lock system or use the provided keyfob.

Features & Benefits:

  • Keeps thieves from easily stealing your belongings.
  • Contents beyond the vehicle can also be protected.
  • Peace of mind knowing belongings are protected.

LoopNet™ through ladders

LoopNet through service body trucks

LoopNet™ through bikes

LoopNet™ through everything

See it in action!