Our History

Founder, Steve Harvey, is a commercial building contractor. In the late 1990’s Steve was at a truck dealership ordering a new utility truck. While there, he had thousands of dollars in tool taken from his truck. Frustrated with theft simply due to a compartment box left unlocked, he asked for the toolbox to be outfitted with electric locks. The service body manufacturer’s reply was, “Good idea, wish I could do it.”

After a few days of tinkering, an early P.O.P. Locks™ was born. Immediately, tradesmen working at his job sites were asked to also have their trucks outfitted. A new industry was born. The need to build and design new products is the foundation and credo of HDC. Uniquely, this passion has passed to the next generation of families who are already taking HDC to new frontiers.

Electric locking of simple locks used with toolbox latches was not an option. Since 1991, this introduction of the industry’s first power locking product has enabled end-users a new, modern way to secure their valuables. HDC followed up with control systems to meet the unique needs of multi-compartment vehicles. P.O.P. Locks™ soon found their way to the factories of ambulances, fire trucks, rescue, and service vehicles as an O.E.M. option. Our collective experience has brought us to our current developments. We have developed technologies and strategic manufacturing partnerships around the world to bring these new and innovative products to you.

Our Mission

Our mantra is “Helping You Keep Your Stuff.” We do this by providing our customers with solutions that include convenience, reliability, and a unique approach to helping you keep your belongings safe and secure. 

Leading the Way

Time after time, HDC has been industry leaders with our unique brands such as P.O.P. Locks™, Sequential Locking, Flex Switch™, HAC, HD Pass, Top Pop™, and ABumper™.  We are more than just power locking. Today we continue to strive to repeat the mantra of our mission and continue to bring to market new innovative products for customers who are looking for the ideal solution to keep yourself, loved ones, and belongings secure without sacrificing convenience.