LAC™ – Lighted Actuator Cover

What is LAC™?

LAC is a lighted actuator cover that uses G4 COB LED’s on the actuator cover to provide ample lighting at night into a compartment, cross bed toolbox, or to light the surrounding exterior of the door or truck bed!  It is a feature-add to traditional power locking components utilizing a low-profile design allowing doors to close and not disturb shelves and its contents.

LAC can be installed as an OEM option or retro-fitted as an aftermarket add-on. It can be used alongside our controllers to provide power lock and light management.

Combining our products simplifies and reduces installation costs.  Pair the LAC with our plug and play complete wire harness kit (WH6) which is pre-wired to handle the LED feature of the lighted cover and your results are the “best compartment lighting at no additional labor cost.”

Be sure to ask for it by name – LAC.  “I’d like LAC installed on my vehicle.”

Features & Benefits:

    • Super bright high output G4 COB LED’s
    • Slim cover to minimize interference with shelving and contents
    • Designed to light the compartment and surrounding area
    • Power comes from the vehicles integrated power lock system
    • Harness made for this system includes the needed low amperage wire to power LEDs
    • Pair with other HDC products to reduce power locking and other security/convenience products
    • Great for work trucks, rescue vehicles, toolboxes, and RV’s!


HDC's new power lock family member has been tested past 200,000 cycles & designed to fit popular west coast style service body door designs. Matched with HDC PRO-E power lock controller users have ready-made power source and timed output when unlocked.  PRO-E can stand alone using it provided fobs or connect directly to the OEM power locking system.

WH Tee Handle 3 point latch using the Rivet style lock.

WH Tee Handle 3 point latch

New PLI power lock actuator designed for a Tee Handle Latch shown with a rivet style lock.