LAC™ – Lighted Actuator Cover

Helping You Keep Your Stuff

An electric lock cover with high output LED lighting

HDC introduces a unique lighting addition to power lock keyless entry systems.

  • Lighted electric lock cover with integrated super high output G4 LED
  • Designed to light the door or compartment at all angles
  • Power comes from the vehicles integrated power lock system
  • Harness made for this system includes the needed low amperage wire to power LEDs

LAC before install

(6) G4 supper bright LED

Light is cast into the box from the users view much like a flashlight you don’t have to hold.

HDC’s latest innovation is a transparent lock cover with integrated LEDs to light the compartments.  The super high output G4 LEDs are perfectly angled to project light from the users perspective into the entire compartment, eliminating shadows or unlit areas.  LAC™ reduces installation time by combining the power locks power source to also power the LEDs.  The wiring harness HDC can provide has all wires necessary to power lock & light each compartment.  

LAC™ Comes From a Line of Useful Security and Convenience Products.

HDC’s new power lock family member has been tested past 200,000 cycles & designed to fit popular west coast style service body door designs. Matched with HDC PRO-E power lock controller users have ready-made power source and timed output when unlocked.  PRO-E can stand alone using it provided fobs or connect directly to the OEM power locking system.

WH Tee Handle 3 point latch using the Rivet style lock.

WH Tee Handle 3 point latch

New PLI power lock actuator designed for a Tee Handle Latch shown with a rivet style lock.