MLS™ – Master Lock System

MLS™ – Master Locking System

Patent Pend.

Pro-E Controller MLS is a simple, effective, keyless entry locking solution for utility vehicles. Locking sequence communicates via wireless key fob or cab mounted switch to activate HDC’s RC45a. Adjustable Actuator Packs connects to the Foreman locking rod. Slip Link allows the Foreman rod to be electrically overridden. Unlocking and pulling the Foreman rod handle will override the Electric Actuator.

It is recommended that the Foreman handle be locked on outside of vehicle for added security.

Pro-E Controller

Kit Includes:

Pro-E Controller


(1) Harness

  • 3 ft. & 8 ft. Ends w/Look
  • 16 ft. Power Wire
  (1) RC-45 Keyless Entry Kit
  (1) Remote Fob
  (2) Act Pacts w/Mounts & Actuator
  (2) Slip Links & Locking Collars