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What good is a work truck if its tools are stolen. chances are your tools are in its utility body for a reason.

Utility Body

If you own 1 to 100 work trucks you've had tools stolen. The average value of tools reported stolen per occurrence is $1,800.00, as published by the National Insurance Institution. Many states insurance companies will not write a tool theft type of insurance policy or it is so pricey you can't afford it.

Recommended Products:

Flat Act Series

Any equipment theft means you're out of business or you have to bite the bullet and replace them now, "Ouch!" Keyless entry and power locking can be retro-fitted or added to your truck body purchase.

In the first 5 years of use, the average time saved using keyless entry / power locking converted to dollars is $9,700.00 (calculated from a labor rate of $60.00/hour). SST latch saves $4.700.00 by eliminating the time to relock the latch. Piece of mind, resale value, insurance savings and theft prevention are all ways our products pay its way the very first day.

Keyless entry and power locking are no longer regarded as an option. No working person can honestly say each day has enough time. If you can save a few minutes each day you’ve made a little more $, as well as improved productivity. We have dollar values calculated based on time savings benefits of our products, however, your industries needs go beyond a dollar value. Theft reduction in your industry is priceless.

HDC's newest power lock offering is called the PD Series Power Locking. These actuators are manufactured under ISO 9003 using our Patented and Pending designs under the strict QA of the world leader in automotive products, MES Corp. of Switzerland.

"SST" Tee Handle Latch has several patent pending features. It’s our plan to add these unique features to Paddle Latches and D-Rings used on fire and ambulance vehicles. We are adding a variation to the new family of SST latch’s which is called SST-SL. It will offer all the functionality of automotive grade locks, including our "Forget-It-Feature."

Our most recent addition to Keyless Entry and Relay Controller is RC35, introduced several months ago. As hoped, it's exceeding our expectations and is finding its place in both the RV and commercial vehicle OEM’s. We now offer it with a new useful variation, it will communicate with Pro Controllers Flex Switch as well as a wide range of transmitters. This new variation, called RC35a, has the size and stamina to allow for its installation in an individual door keeping all necessary components to power looking and keyless entry in a single door.