(Pro Controllers) How do I disarm my system if my fob/keypad is lost or broken and my siren is sounding?

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(Pro Controllers) How do I disarm my system if my fob/keypad is lost or broken and my siren is sounding?

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In the event, a transmitter is lost or broken and your system is still armed, this process will immediately disarm the alarm and allow you into programming mode. (See code learning in the manual for more information).

Things to consider

  • When using this method, it is best to only program 1 fob/switch at first. Once you have disabled the alarm and tested the controller, proceed to add new transmitters to the system.
  • A valet switch must be connecting and working.
  • The controller must be powered.
  • A siren is needed to know if the steps work. It is possible to disarm and program without a siren but it is highly not recommended.
  • ACC – Most OEMs will connect the Pro yellow wire to the ignition. When a user switches the Ignition to ACC, 12v power is sent through the yellow wire to start the program session. If your yellow wire was not connected, you will need to have a 12v DC source as this will need to be powered as part of the process.

Emergency Override and Disarm Your Alarm

  1. Turn ignition to ACC.
  2. Press the valet button 5 times. The siren will chirp 4 times, signaling that that alarm has been disarmed (make sure that no more than 8 seconds lapses when going through this process or it will not disarm the alarm). After 8 seconds, you should hear the doors unlock.
  3. Turn ignition off.

Adding a Transmitter

  1. Turn ignition to ACC.
  2. Within 5 seconds of turning ACC on, firmly press the valet button 10 times. This will allow the controller to enter the code learning mode. The siren will chirp to confirm.
  3. Press either the unlock or lock buttons on your transmitter, this will add the transmitter to the Pro Controller. You will hear rapid beeps confirming the transmitter has been added.
  4. Turn ignition off.


Proceed to follow the “Code Learning” process in your manual to add other transmitters. You also might want to reset the controller to remove the old remotes from the controller (see “Code Learning” section in your manual to do this.)

If you still have trouble disarming your system, feel free to email our support line at support@poplocks.com.