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Sema Showcase 2021

We have a booth at Sema 2021 – see you there! Exhibitor: POPLOCKS Booth #12176

Sema Showcase

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Sema 2021

We will have a booth at Sema 2021 – see you there! Exhibitor: POPLOCKS Booth #12176 To view our new products showcased at the Sema show, please register your email and we will send you some information.

Actuator & Trigger Installation Notes

Actuator & Trigger Installation Notes← All Topics Longevity will depend significantly on the quality of the system design and adherence to the wiring instructions. The correct use of HDC Products is critical. Actuators are a patented product that uses a unique spring detent feature. Their design is specific for P.O.P. Locks products that use the…
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What are some tips for wiring my power-locks? (Esp. for toolboxes)

What are some tips for wiring my power-locks? (Esp. for toolboxes)← All Topics Trunk Pre-wire Install Guide *We strongly advise reading the P.O.P. LocksTM  Wiring Schematics fully before beginning installation. * Line Loss Calculations: Line Loss- Line Loss is the formula used to calculate the number of relay circuits (PL910) that is necessary to efficiently…
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Wiring Actuators – How many is too many?

Wiring Actuators – How many is too many?← All Topics  When wiring actuators to our HDC controllers and relays, we strongly recommend following the wire diagrams provided or downloading them from our website. Many of our diagrams will show you how many actuators can be installed and whether you will need any additional extension harnesses…
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(Pro-E controller) So, I disarmed my alarm. Why does my parking lights flash and I hear a constant clicking sound coming from my receiver when I turn my key?

If you have a sensor installed that detects when your door is open with the “Door-Open Warning” on, it will be alerted if you power the ignition (turn ACC on) while the door is open. To disengage, turn the ignition off and press “Unlock” on your remote.

(Pro Controllers) How do I disarm my system if my fob/keypad is lost or broken and my siren is sounding?

In the event, a transmitter is lost or broken and your system is still armed, this process will immediately disarm the alarm and allow you into programming mode. (See code learning in the manual for more information).


RC35a← All TopicsClick on the link below to view PDF Manual Manual   Last Updated OnOctober 1, 2020Tags: HDClockingPowerprogrammingRC35a