Fleetwood Warranty & Claims

Fleetwood Window ID Should a user or Factory Personnel need support, HDC provides a coded I.D. window sticker. The unique alpha-numeric code on the sticker, similar to the one above, tells supporting personnel how this vehicle’s controllers & power locks are packaged. It also helps determine which links provide you with the most information.


Service and Warranty Claims Procedure

PLRB Pro Controller Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)

Troubleshooting guide for the PLRB Pro Controller. Fill out the form and press the send button. To ensure your inquiry will be reviewed, print and fax the form to HDC.

PLRB-Pro Controller Parts Location (PDF)

Fleetwood 2006 Version (PDF)
This link provides information about Flex Switch(TM), key fobs, PLRB-Pro Controller, schematics, and instructions.

Fleetwood 2003 Version
This link provides information regarding schematics, installation instructions and trouble shooting for the PLRB-RC3.


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