Warranty & Claims Procedure

Should a Pro Controller or sub component become inoperative within warranty, before a Service Warranty Claim is accepted by Fleetwood, the manufacturer; HDC, requires specific procedures be followed to prevent rejected claims. 

There are two ways to acquire the needed documents starting the process; On-Line form or by emailing support@poplocks.com

On-Line Support through HDC


If you are experiencing difficulties with your product(s) we ask that you follow these procedures:


1) Review all manuals for your product. Access to manuals requires a login submission. We have a few troubleshooting forms below:

Power Locking Systems Troubleshoot
General Troubleshooting

2) Familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions: Terms and Conditions

3) If you are still experiencing problems, please fill out the form on our troubleshooting page. If we are able to determine product is defective or in need of repair we can issue a RA number. RA numbers are required for each return.


PLRB Pro Controller Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)

Troubleshooting guide for the PLRB Pro Controller. Fill out the form and press the send button. To ensure your inquiry will be reviewed, print and fax the form to HDC.

PLRB-Pro Controller Parts Location (PDF)

Fleetwood 2006 Version (PDF)
This link provides information about Flex Switch(TM), key fobs, PLRB-Pro Controller, schematics, and instructions.

Fleetwood 2003 Version
This link provides information regarding schematics, installation instructions and trouble shooting for the PLRB-RC3.