HD007 - Keypad and Remote Keyless Entry



How do I reprogram my keypad and/or add a remote?
How do I reprogram my HD007 Keypad to an RC35a?

Where is the system located?

How many digits does my passcode need to be?

Your passcode must be a minimum of (4) digits long

Where and how do I replace my battery?


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HD007 Programming and Instructions

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Programming HD007 keypad to the RC35a:


1. Remove the green 30 amp fuse from the RC35a


2. After 5 seconds replace the 30 amp fuse and within 3 seconds press both buttons on one of the T25 key fobs.


3. Please note that you have only 5 seconds after pressing both buttons to enter your *,1,3,5,7,9,* code or it will time out and you must start at step 1. Note:  Due to the proximity of the RC35a and location of HD007, it maybe difficult to program a user code with in the required 5 seconds. If this is the case, simply press the last coded fob lock or unlocked once while moving too the HD007 keypad being coded.  This will extend the time x 5 seconds each time its is pushed.  


4. The RC35a should send a lock signal out indicating it as entered code learning mode at which time press *, 1,3,5,7,9 * followed by any button on any and all Key fobs or Wall mounted switches. 

5. System should be programmed and working. 

Location of mounted keypad


To replace the HD007 battery:

4 mounting screws need to be removed (see above rv picture for typical location of mounted keypad).

With a Razor or Exacto knife cut weather proofing foam.

Remove the rear of the HD007 remove battery cover. Using only a fingernail, pry between friction catch depression and lift off cover the accessing battery.

Replacement batteries are 12v part # GP23A, CN23A, EL12 and VR22 or similar class battery.

Replacement battery must be installed with the orientation specific to - + polarities clearly marked.

Replace cover and test. Preprograming is not necessary.

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