Fire, Rescue, and Ambulances, Oh My!

The True Value Of Life Saving Equipment Is Found During Its Use In The Hands Of The Most Qualified.

Fire Truck Keyless Entry

Nowhere in the world has a nation invested so much to protect and save lives. Our best and brightest give years of their lives training and refining skills, old and new, for their hour of need.

Recommended Products:

Flat Act Series

County, city and state budgets are strained to purchase the best in life saving high tech equipment. Equipment made from years of research refinements and trails of fire. As unthinkable as it may seem, life saving equipment is being stolen from vehicles daily. We pray you will never have to tell the person whose life is in your most qualified hands, “HANG ON, our equipment is missing."

HDC's newest power lock offering is called the PD Series Power Locking. These actuators are manufactured under ISO 9003 using our Patented and Pending designs under the strict QA of the world leader in automotive products, MES Corp. of Switzerland.

"SST" Tee Handle Latch has several patent pending features. It’s our plan to add these unique features to Paddle Latches and D-Rings used on fire and ambulance vehicles. We are adding a variation to the new family of SST Latch’s which is called SST-SL. It will offer all the functionality of automotive grade locks including our "Forget-It-Feature."

Our most recent addition to Keyless Entry and Relay Controller is RC35, introduced several months ago. As hoped, it’s exceeding our expectations and is finding its place in both the RV and Commercial Vehicle OEM’s. We now offer it with a new useful variation, it will communicate with Pro Controls Flex Switch as well as a wide range of transmitters. This new variation, called RC35a, has the size and stamina to allow for its installation in an individual door, keeping all necessary components to power looking and keyless entry in one door.