What Do You Look For In a Vehicle Purchase?

Factors that influence our vehicle purchases are often not, "what kind of security system does it have?"

Tool Box Power Locking

Of course we do not ask these questions. We want to know what kind of gas mileage it gets, cargo and bed capacity, comfort, style, dependability.

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Pro Controller
Flex Switch

We ask the above questions because we are concerned about our long-term costs and maintenance. But what about convenience and security? Did you know that the FBI crime reports of 2007 state that larceny (aka: theft) hit an average $886 per offense. Reported vehicle theft alone costs us $5.8 billion in 2007. And of all theft categories, vehicle theft is the largest at 35%. Sounds like we have some other questions to ask when we make a vehicle purchase.

HDC is dedicated to providing products that help secure your property. Typically our products give more than peace of mind, they offer unique features and convenience that you can't find anywhere else.