Your RV: Also Known As a Theft Magnet

If only we protected our Motor Homes, RV's and trailers like we do our primary homes. Everyone would be happy except for thieves.

RV Security

The average cost of reported RV burglaries is $5,800.00. Many state insurance companies will not write a content theft policy for personal items, or it is so pricey many owners take a chance of going without it.

Recommended Products:

Pro Controller
Flex Switch

Your only option before was a car alarm, but not anymore.Pro Control Keyless Entry power lock controller adds new levels of control and convenience for their users including features such as compartment open warning, zone security and emergency help mode. Adding to these robust controllers is Flex Switch (TM), the "install anywhere" wireless switch / communicator.

Our most recent addition to Keyless Entry and Relay Controller is RC35, introduced several months ago. As hoped, it’s exceeding our expectations and is finding its place in both the RV and Commercial Vehicle OEM’s. We now offer it with a new useful variation, it will communicate with Pro Controls Flex Switch as well as a wide range of transmitters. This new variation, called RC35a, has the size and stamina to allow for its installation in an individual door keeping all necessary components to power looking and keyless entry in one door.