Purchase Process

It is our privilege to have the opportunity to be your hardware and power lock supplier. Open and print the 5 page PDF file below. These documents are necessary to create your account. Fax or mail the completed 3 pages to HDC

Page 2-Terms and Conditions

Please read our Terms and Conditions, which are concise but are limited to individual warrantees of many products. Please ask for product warrantees specifically by type of device or locate more information on this website.

Page 3-Credit Application and Page 4-Credit Card Purchasing

All new customers are required, prior to delivery of any product paid for by check, to complete our Purchase Agreement Form. All net accounts, old and new, buying one thousand dollars or more, are required to complete and have approved prior to shipment a HDC Credit Application Form.

Page 5-Resale Certificate
All Texas tax-exempt buyers are required to present HDC Inc. with a valid resale permit.

When completed please return by fax or mail the below information. It will take 2-4 weeks to process.

1. Complete Purchase Agreements or a Credit Application.
2. Completed Resale Form (for Texas buyers only).

Download>> Terms and Conditions

We want a clear and mutual understanding of your specific product needs with our assurance they will remain confidential.

HDC is looking forward to being your supplier for the long haul.





Products By Market

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Terms and Conditions
Credit Application
Purchase Order Form


Purchase Process


Apply for Terms
1 - Select Your Products
2 - Read Terms
3 - Sign and return
Credit Application
5 -Submit P.O. Form via email or fax

Credit Card Purchase
1 - Select Your Products
2 - Submit P.O. Form via email or fax
3 - Sign and return Credit Card Form